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Competitiveness is key to Malta`s success over other countries in the region both for purposes of residency and for operations.  It is an ideal regional base for international companies with a workforce that is well-qualified, flexible and multilingual. The quality of education is high, which leads to outstanding productivity and therefore lower unit costs. The majority of the Maltese population is fluent in Maltese, English and Italian, with the former two being both official languages.

Why Malta

Malta is a country with 7000 years of history and is quickly becoming the region’s centre of excellence.  The island offers incoming companies highly favorable government policies and incentives including cash rebates and tax refunds leading to lower effective corporate tax, special incentives for employee acquisition, training & development and much more.

The country has a vibrant economy, experiencing modest growth even at a time when the world is living a prolonged recession.  The World Economic Forum (WEF) has confirmed Malta’s place as the 27th “most networked economy in the world”.

Testament to Malta’s strengths and attractiveness to business, Malta is today considered as home by more than 200 world-class companies employing over 30,000 people and accounting for more than 85% of Malta’s business output.

The Malta Financial Services Authority acts as the regulator for most financial services and adopts a flexible, ‘can do’ approach which has reaped dividends. Malta has reacted early to shifting economic trends and adjusted its legislation and in some cases, even introduced new laws to take advantage of such changes. Malta was in fact one of the very first nations to regulate remote gaming and enjoys a strong reputation in this field for its robust framework.

There are a number of benefits associated with setting up business in Malta.  A main advantage, of particular appeal to companies intending to write business across the EU, is that companies incorporated in Malta can passport directly, either through freedom of establishment or services, to all other member states.   Moreover, Malta has a network of Double Tax Treaties with over 60 countries, including most EU countries, the US, China, Hong Kong as well as many emerging economies including Libya.

Malta’s strengths lie mainly in the resilience and ambition of its people, qualities that are a direct result of the chequered history that makes Malta so fascinating and unique.  For foreigners working and living in Malta, the combination of an efficient business climate, excellent infrastructure and a driven workforce, enhanced by the relaxed holiday environment in which they operate, offers a unique and magical experience.  Malta has in fact placed an amazing third in the list of best 25 cities for people to live in on list25.com.

Coupled with a growing professional class of highly trained and qualified individuals, a well-established cadre of professional advisors, and excellent electronic communications and flight connections, Malta truly is your destination and jurisdiction of choice.

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