Do More with less with
our co-location services

It’s not about doing more with less anymore. It’s about doing even more, with even less

We constantly hear from our customers that their IT departments are under intense pressure to deliver more services, in faster timeframes, with smaller budgets and leaner staff. Most face the challenge of data centre transformation, which is changing the way they think about their business. A driving force in the transformation is the need to get out from under the burden of an aging infrastructure, which is causing many companies to look at alternatives to traditional on-premises data centre approaches

With colocation, companies, own, use, and maintain their own equipment, but share the cost of power, cooling, communications, and data centre floor space with other tenants. Colocation is a good choice for you if you need complete control over your equipment

Whether it’s a single rack of dedicated servers or a whole floor of data centre space, BMH Group in collaboration with Unicept can tailor a solution that’s right for you, and that scales with your business as you grow

We know different businesses have different needs!

Our colocation services range from high-quality conditioned space, power and network access, to, managed colocation including security and data backup services. Because we understand you work in complex environments and with a variety of other vendors, our dedicated servers and IT solutions are vendor-neutral and platform-independent, so we can always custom-build configurations specific to your environment

For further information visit or contact us.

For further information visit or contact us.