Entrepreneurs come up with tons of great ideas every year. They all require financial, as well as human, capital to become successful businesses. Obtaining that financial capital is one of the biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur.

BMH Group is the leading business angel investor in Malta. We bring together fast growing companies and committed investors to build successful ventures.

BMH Group’s screening process is the keystone of the Group’s efficacious operations. Our understanding of Maltese and Foreign markets allows us to shape the risk/reward profile of our projects to match local and international business standards.

Investment in Malta is what has made BMH Group successful. Over the years we have helped entrepreneurs and new businesses setup their operation and put them on the path that led them to success. These experiences have given us considerable business acumen, which we are always ready to share with people embarking on new ventures, giving our advice on how to be most successful.  We have a forward-thinking approach and are always ready to invest in companies working on new and innovative notions, concepts and technologies.

BMH Group in collaboration with its partners is a growing group of exceptional people who bring experience, vision and motivation. We have built our own companies, had prior investments and have wide networks of significant, international connections.  You will be supported by a strong and talented team of experienced business angels and specialists who are dedicated to help you succeed.

If you are looking for professional advice on how to make your dream a reality, drop us a line  and schedule an appointment.