US PayPal users face marketing robot cold calls

PayPal is changing its terms and conditions to state users must accept automated marketing calls, emails and text messages.

The changes – which come into force in July – will only apply to its US customers.

The eBay-owned company told the BBC that it “would honour any customers’ requests to decline marketing outreach”.

But no such opt-out is included in the terms and conditions.

Instead customers are invited to either accept or decline.

“If you do not agree to the amended user agreement, privacy policy or acceptable use policy, you may close your account before July 1, 2015 and you will not be bound by the amended terms,” the document states.

A spokesman told the BBC that customers wanting to opt out of receiving marketing materials could do so by unsubscribing “notifications” in their settings.

“Privacy is central to the trusted relationship we have with our customers and we take this very seriously,” he said.