Public talk to ask: ‘does social media control our lives?’

Social media and its impact on our lives will be debated in a public talk on Thursday.

Two social media academics will be giving a talk titled ‘Does Social Media Control Our Lives – Facts and Myths’ at Villa Bologna, Attard, starting at 6pm. Leading the discussion will be academics Prof. Bryan Alexander and Dr Alex Grech.

Social media has changed our lives radically. The change in habits on such a large scale represents a paradigm shift in human interaction. Like all other major social revolutions, it is difficult to predict where this change will lead us. Is this process somewhat irreversible or do we have no choice but to learn to make best use of forums like Facebook and Twitter?

“Technology is impacting society because society is impacting technology. The traditional pjazza conversation has gone online and you can’t have a system to regulate that conversation. It’s all about education,” Dr Grech said.

Bryan Alexander is a researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher, working in the field of how technology transforms education. Alex Grech is a visiting senior lecturer in Digital Strategy at the University of Malta and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Hull. His ongoing research activity is on digital citizenship.

The traditional pjazza conversation has gone online and you can’t have a system to regulate that conversation. It’s all about education

The public lecture is organised by the Office of the European Parliament and the Strickland Foundation in collaboration with the Malta Communications Authority.
Partners for the event are Villa Bologna Working Estates & Gardens and Times of Malta.

A second seminar will be held on Friday to discuss the dangers and benefits of digital business within the context of the European Union’s Digital Single Market. The main speakers for the second day event are Mark Spiteri and Martin Henley. A number of Maltese MEPs will also be contributing to the proceedings.