Malta is at the forefront of the remote gaming industry and home to some of the world’s largest and most profitable online gaming companies. The remote gaming sector is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing sectors on the island.

Malta was one of the pioneers amid the European Union Member States that regulated remote gaming and ever since the Maltese Government took this decision, Malta has emerged as a leader in the field and as a hub for remote gaming operators.

The first online betting legislation in Malta was enacted in 2000, established under the Public Lotto Ordinance (L.N. 34 of 2000) to regulate offshore betting offices. Consequently the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) was set up as the single regulatory body responsible for the governance of all forms of gaming in Malta.

The island became the first EU member state to regulate remote gaming in 2004. The LGA regulatory regime aims to be both technology neutral and game neutral – encompassing any type of gaming using a means of distance communication.

Any remote game that can be securely managed under LGA regulations will be considered for licensing.

In March 2005 the LGA set up the Malta Remote Gaming Council (MRGC) so as to create a dynamic regulatory environment for remote gaming. The Council’s main objective is to serve as an on-going discussion forum giving valuable feedback to the Authority to be able to keep abreast with the latest developments in the industry.

The MRGC Council is made up of all stakeholders in the remote gaming industry including licensed operators, data carriers, Internet service providers, lawyers and professional services providers.

A Malta Company is a convenient, tax efficient vehicle for carrying out remote gaming activities from Malta. Remote gaming operators established in Malta benefit from a stable legal regime thanks to the robust remote gaming regulations as well as from very attractive fiscal incentives including advantageous corporate and gaming tax rates.


Engaging experienced service providers is crucial to the success of gaming operators. Our group’s major asset is the ability to listen to our clients and obtain a clear understanding of their needs and concerns before addressing these issues and putting forward viable, efficient and cost effective solutions. Through our extensive networking we can assist you to choose affiliates, intermediaries, networks and other strategic partners. We rely on integrity, leadership, in-depth knowledge and experience to help resolve your most important issues. Our presence and experience in the industry makes us your ideal partner.

Our outstanding relationship with lobbying groups will make it a touch easier for you to make your priorities known and to safeguard your interests. And, because we fully understand your requirements, we will keep you posted at all times with developments and first-hand information, sharing with you our in-house research to help you minimise risk and bank on opportunities. We also assist gaming operators wishing to set-up in Malta whether as a start-up, migration or diversification. Such services include assistance in the LGA application process including the drafting and review of key documentation as well as the incorporating of the Maltese gaming company. We also assist applicants in putting in place the commercial arrangements with third party service providers that may be required for their operations in Malta.


    • CLASS 1

      Remote gaming licences/For operators
      who partake in the gaming risk based on
      repetitive events. This class includes online
      casinos and lotteries.


      For operators offering all types of games of chance and games of skill operating on an existing Class 4 licensee..

    • CLASS 2

      Remote betting office licence/For operators who partake in the gaming risk based on a singular event using markets. This class includes fixed odds betting, pool betting and spread betting.


      For operators who run a remote betting office on an existing Class 4 licensee.

  • CLASS 3

    A licence to promote or abet remote gaming from Malta/For operators who promote gaming in return for a commission. This class includes P2P, poker rooms, game portals, bingo and betting exchange providers..


    For operators who promote gaming in return for a commission on an existing Class 4 licensee..

  • CLASS 4

    A licence to host and manage remote gaming operators/For operators who run a software platform to host and manage the gaming operations of licensees in return for a commission without partaking in any gaming risk.

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