Malta retains highest sense of economic optimism in Eurozone

Economic optimism amongst Malta’s construction sector reaches highest level since EC started commissioning such surveys in 2002.

Malta Today, 29 August 2015

Malta has retained its position as the most optimistic country in the Eurozone, according to the most recent European Commission survey.

Malta’s economic sentiment indicator reached 111, and the government pointed out in a statement that this figure is 20% higher than it was at the end of 2012, when the previous administration lost a Budget vote in Parliament.

In August, optimism within Malta’s construction sector reached the highest level since the EC started commissioning such surveys in 2002. Optimism within Malta’s retail sector is the higher than all other Eurozone countries.

“Maltese families are amongst the very few in Europe who believe that their financial situation is improving, and who expect it to continue improving in the coming months,” the government said. “Indeed, optimism is so high that families expect unemployment to continue decreasing, even though its already reached a historic low.”