Malta ranks 40th in travel and tourism

Malta has ranked 40th out of 141 countries as a travel and tourism destination in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2015 published by the World Economic Forum today.

Beyond the overall index, the report also published 14 indices from which the overall ranking was estimated. In these sub-indices, Malta achieved very good scores in prioritisation of travel and tourism, health and hygiene, tourist service infrastructure, safety and security, ICT readiness and air transport infrastructure.

Malta ranked first in prioritisation of travel and tourism. The Malta Tourism Authority said that the recently published National Tourism Policy bore testament to this international recognition of the importance which Malta gave  tourism.

Malta’s performance in the index suffered mostly due to a lack of natural resources, the impacts of a high population density and a lack of large size venues for international events.

The MTA said that a considerable number of changes in indicators used in comparison to previous studies rendered comparisons irrelevant.

Times of Malta, May 7, 2015